Top 10 Fashion Must Haves For Mamas

The fall season is lurking although the temps outside may not suggest so. We are gearing up for the fall/winter season and with that (if you are in the midwest or east coast), comes a lot of preparation. Although, we know this season is coming, sometimes it catches us completely off guard because we are soaking up every ounce of nice weather that is thrown our way. I have a couple items that are great for moms on the go to keep in their wardrobe that can transcend from day to night during this fall season.

1. Oversized Cardigan - I love these because they are multifunctional. As a breastfeeding mother, these are awesome because it allows you to cover up slightly without shoving that annoying cover over your babies face. Additionally, these are great for day looks and night looks.

2. Boots - Nothing screams cute fall/winter fashion like a nice pair of boots! Fall fashion is all about the boots. I would suggest you snag a bootie and a knee/calf length boot because they can dress up your jeans and t-shirt in an instant! As a mother that is chasing kiddos around, you want to make sure your boots have a grip on the bottom.

3. Print Long Sleeve - We all have at least one plaid shirt (if you dont you should). However, we sometimes neglect prints. Printed long sleeve blouses/shirts a great addition to the wardrobe. Be bold girl! If you are a nursing mama look into the ones that are easily accessible.

4. Scarfs - I have an entire drawer dedicated to scarfs. In the fall and winter these are lifesavers. They will change your day and night looks in an instant. In addition, they add an extra flare of fashion with jackets and coats. For mothers these are great because they can hide all of the mishaps that happens with our clothes...spit ups, leaking breasts, messy toddler hands etc.

5. Vests - Yes! These are awesome! They are great for those brisk days when you feel wearing a coat may not necessary.

6. Those Jeans - We all know we either already have "That Pair" of jeans or we are in the market for them. You know, THOSE jeans that you feel like you can wear for an eternity! A great pair of skinny jeans is great to have on hand, just make sure they are comfortable and they do not show crack. Ladies, its times we rid of that fashion!

7. Stackable Bracelets - We all know about Alex & Ani and Pandora, it's time to incorporate pieces like that into our fall wardrobe. These dress up the most simplest outfits.

8. Loafers - Yes, the loafer is back, and I am not upset about it. They are comfortable and they look great with jeans...even your leggings! Snag a pair!

9. Bomber Jacket - I love these jackets because as a mom they keep you looking trendy! Whenever I wear mines I have to admit, I feel stylish.

10. Chambray Shirt - I love Chambray shirts because they can be dressed up and down with accessories. They are also great for the layering look.

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