My Toddler and Beyonce

My husband told me, "Hey E, I have something to share with you that is going to make you really proud of Jisele." I thought to myself, okay what can this be? Did she use the potty, was she able to read actual words, did she clean her room unassisted? I mean, what did she do that was going to have me so stoked and proud? He continued to tell me while they were in the car, the song ApeSh**t started playing and Jisele said, "Daddy, Mommy! Mommy Daddy!" I wish you could see the look on my face! This was indeed better than any of the accomplishments that I mentioned! At this point you are probably thinking I am crazy, well I am not. Here is why this made me so proud and why my husband knew it would.

You see, as parents we have a tendency to blow off kids, particularly toddlers. We say "Uh huh, Okay" so many times a day and we have no idea what we were even responding to. Jisele was able to do something that many of us adults struggle to do, she made a connection. She understood that even in my absence at that moment, the song that was being played reminded her of her mommy. I am not proud because it was a Beyonce and Jay Z song ( I mean, I am a fan so i wouldn't expect anything different). Howe