National Bullying Prevention Month

October is home to a lot of causes, Breast Cancer Awareness, National Reading Group Month, Cookie Month, Diabetes month and list goes on. However, I would like to shed light on National Bullying Prevention Month. With everything that is going on in the political landscape and in schools, one thing is evident and that is bullying extends far beyond the playground and middle school. It appears as if bullying has ramped up in adults. I see it all the time, parents do it while sitting in the bleachers at sporting events, its done within social circles heck, some people deal with it at home. The point is, it's awfully gross to continue such childish behavior well into adulthood. As adults, we should have the competency to dismiss the likings of such behaviors.

The #MeToo movement has shown that bullying not only exits off the playground but heavily in the workplace, in Hollywood, on Capitol Hill and definately on the world wide web.

We can’t teach our kids the importance of being a credible individual and a good citizen when we aren’t demonstrating those characteristics in the workplace or at home. We must teach our children compassion and let them know that everyone has a story. Some stories is home to a great deal of pain that is often hard to talk through. We must let them know that sometimes due to the pain that has been experienced, sharing those stories take time because those wounds aren’t healed. Here are a couple more ways you can help your child understand the importance of Bully Prevention!

  1. Talk About It - Having an open dialogue is always a great to help children understand the complexities of the situation. Allow them the space to ask questions and be educated by you.

  2. Share A Story - You may not have been bullied (or you may have) but chances are you know someone that has. Share with your child some of the details in the situation and explain why it was unfair and the long terms effects those actions could have on the individual

  3. Explain to them that they can help! That’s right! Share with them the tools they may need to help them navigate through helping someone that is being bullied.

Organizations like the American Society for Positive Care of Children has information on their website about why bullying occurs and Stop is a great resources as well for information.

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