Products Tried and True

So, I am 6 months postpartum and let me tell you, it's been a whirlwind (i always say that). I am in the process of starting to feel like my “old self” again. During this time I have tested out many new products and I have a VERY shortlist of products that I would like to share with you because you may find that they are beneficial for you and your kiddos.

(These are my opinions)

GoGoVie Baby Carrier - The GoGoVie Baby carrier is truly the first of its kind. This carrier can be used to carry your baby/toddler (up to 35 lbs) up to 7 positions! This is great news for the mothers that long for baby carriers that can be used while they nurse baby. I was amazed that the product could be used in so many different positions, giving it the versatility that many baby carriers lack. Due to its design, the carrier provides back support that most carriers do not provide. Although for some, the Vest Back may not be aesthetically appealing, for the purpose of providing back support this is the ideal carrier. Additionally, the carrier is equipped with two features that I really loved, the “mom pocket” (as I call it) and the cloth (decorative) cover. The pocket was great for pacifier safe keeping, credit cards and ID, it is also large enough for your phone (you could even roll up a diaper and a small ziploc bag with a couple wipes for a quick store run), this feature is helpful because it allows you to COMPLETELY be HANDS FREE! Fun Fact: This product is invented by an African- American Woman here in the Chicagoland Area.