Guide To Trick Or Treating in Cold Temps

Trick or Treating is fun but let's be honest, for many parents it can be a drag. Especially if you are in a location that experience fall temps (sometimes winter). The weather can be super cold, rainy and just not a fun time. Nevertheless, as parents we push through it saying “okay one more block” in ourselves because we are OVER IT! With 15 years of trick or treating under my belt, I am in a better place and I want you to be there too without waiting 10 years to figure it all out (like me). Below is your guide to Trick or Treating successfully in cooler temps.

-Glow Sticks and or Reflectors because it is the fall. The sun sets and darkness falls quickly. With little ones and its important to be seen!

-Lantern’s are great because it gives you the extra light you may need in some neighborhoods. Additionally, you need to be able to see your little ones clearly.

-Hot Chocolate because in the midwest and surrounding regions, it gets pretty cold! Having hot chocolate in a shareable size thermos is great for you, your spouse and your kiddos. If you are a cool mom...add a little Baileys (that's what I will be doing)!

-Throw Blankets are a great addition because those temperatures plummet and when they do you really are torn between going home or just covering one more block! The extra blankets give you the comfort of knowing your kiddos have an extra layer of warmth.

-Hat, Gloves, Scarf, IT’S COLD, JUST DO IT! You want to have this as a backup!

-Comfortable Shoes, look trick or treating involves a lot of walking. You don’t want shoes to be the reason you need to head back to the home front.

-Wagon/Stroller (with cup holders) - Cup holders are for those drinks! The Wagon/stroller is for obvious reasons.

-Trick or Treat bag with handles are easier to hang on the strollers. You want to make sure your hands are free.

-Pedestrian Friendly Neighborhood is a neighborhood that has sidewalks. To be honest my street doesn't have them and it cuts down foot traffic (which I like), however, for trick or treating purposes, you want sidewalks when you are toting around little kids.

-Layer up under your costume so, don't be afraid to buy costumes a size bigger so that your kids can show those pretty costumes and still have warm layers underneath.

-Rain gear because in the midwest there is a chance you will need it during the fall. Have the proper and comfortable gear you need to stay protected.

These are just some quick tidbits for you to add to your trick or treating festivities. I hope these tips make the evening run a little smoother and cut down the discomfort you may feel on this spooky night.