Influenza Treatment and Prevention: Vaccine and Natural Remedy Information

While we are gearing up for Halloween and the Fa-La-La-La-Holidays, we know with this time of year comes bundling up, layering up and lots of antibacterial soaps and sanitizer. Our son is in the hospital for reasons unrelated to the Flu however, while I was there with him I was reminded about the flu and all the drama that comes with it. The headaches, fever, body aches, sore throat, vomiting….gosh the list just continues.

As a mama I wanted to share some information with you mamas and daddys. Primarily because I understand the struggle we have regarding the vaccine conversation. I am not a medical professional but I do research and I love to share it with other parents to give additional information in an effort to keep us all informed.

Dr. Jennifer Ahston is a Medical Doctor and Chief Medical Correspondent for Good Morning America and she highly recommends that children as a young as 6 months get the flu shot. She shared recently that the Flu Virus is seen throughout the year. The Southern Hemisphere results of the flu provides predictions of how influenza may impact the U.S. The vaccine has been available as early as August and it is recommended that is everyone has been vaccinated by the end of October (LIKE YESTERDAY BASICALLY).


According to an article I read on most flu vaccines administered today are manufactured using chicken eggs and contain trace amounts of a protein called ovalbumin? In previous years, if an individual had egg allergies, they would need to request and egg free version of the vaccine. However, according to the CDC, this year that is not necessary, however, I would still be sure to bring this up to your medical

provider if you have an egg allergy. Although it has been stated that patients no longer need to do this, I think you should hear it first hand and be provided the information and comfort you need from your medical professional about why this is now a safe vaccine for people that have allergies to eggs.

Did you know that children who have never been vaccinated ever, have never had the flu shot ever and children who are under 9 years old may need two flu shot vaccines and they need to be taken at least 4 weeks apart. This was new information to me. As a mom of two kids that fit this bill, this is something to consider when making a decision regarding the vaccine.

Natural Healing

Dr. Josh Axe is a certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and he shares, “people with a depressed immune system or nutrient deficiencies may be more prone to catching the flu or a cold. Stress, lack of sleep and exposure to toxins can worsen flu symptoms.” With this he shares NPI’s (non pharmaceutical interventions) in an effort to provide people that are not interested in vaccines remedies to help relieve flu-like symptoms and provide immunity support during the flu-season. Here is what he recommends:

Vitamin C (1,000 3-4x daily) - This helps to boost your immune system. This means taking three to four packages of that EmergenC Vitamin C supplement. This is new music to my ears because I was under the impression that one package was good for a 24 hour span.

D3 (2,000 IU Daily) - We all know that Vitamin D is produced by sunlight and it regulates many genes including your immune system. It is also stated that 2,000 units is better than the recommended 200-300 units daily.

Echinacea (1,000mg 2-3x daily) - This is an herb and it helps the body fight off infections, much like antibiotics. It is an anti-inflammatory which can help reduces bronchial systems inflammation.

Elderberry ( 10mL daily) - This medication has been very popular this year. According to Dr, Axe’s research, it is believed this herb can deactivate the flu virus and naturally boost immunity. I highly recommend getting this (you can order off line) before retailers increase the prices because there has been a lot of chatter surrounding this herb lately.

Oregano Oil (500 mg 2x daily) - It is important that nursing and pregnant mothers check with doctors before using this oil. It has been said this herb is a powerful antiviral drug. Additionally, due to the potency, I have read its recommended that its taken for span of a week bi-weekly.

Zinc (50-100 mg daily) - This supports immune function and has an antiviral effect. This works well when symptoms of the sickness has began.

Brewers Yeast - Research conducted at the University of Michigan Medical Center found that a yeast supplement was able to reduce cold and flu symptoms severity and lead to significantly shorter duration of symptoms in patients.

Essential Oils - Peppermint and Frankincense rubbed on the bottom of the feet can help support the immune system. Clove oil is suggested as a protector against infection and speed of recovery from the flu. I recommend making sure you use a carrier oil. You can look more into which works well with those oils.

Chiropractic Adjustments - I bet you are in awe...well yeah, me too! Adjustments are said to help boost the immune system.

Probiotics - Great immunity booster.

Fresh Air - If you are like me, you are saying “What??” Yes, Dr. Axe shares that being indoors can be a good source of concentrated toxins and germs. So, get out the house and get some air.

Immune Building Foods - Dr. Jax shares some foods help build immunity. Keep in mind it's important that you stay hydrated at all times. This can be water, tea or soups. However, Garlic, Ginger, Cinnamon, Onions and honey are all the superfoods.

Normal Flu Season Protocol

While, we probably need a moment to digest this information, the same protocol is in place no matter if you are going the natural route or vaccinated route.

1. Wash your hands frequently with soap for 20 seconds. If there is no soap use an alcohol based hand rub.

2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

3. Clean community surfaces in your home that is touched often (light switches, door knobs, handles, computer keyboards etc. )

4. Cough and sneeze into tissue if you have it or on your upper sleeve.

5. Clean hands after sneezes and coughs.

(Protocols According to

I hope this has given you a little more information on the two methods you can consider when trying to protect yourself and your family against the flu this year. There are always risks and there will always be a sense of doubt. It's important that as parents we use our own judgement and not feel pressure. Also, if you vaccinated last year and decided this year you would like to explore natural remedies instead, there is not mom shaming here and that is why I have shared two methods so that we can all be educated on what we feel works for us and our families.

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