FriendsGiving: Create A Memorable Evening With These 5 Suggestions

It’s November and I am sure many of you are planning Friendsgivings. Hopefully you are not like me and had to cancel because you planned an outing and forgot about the friendsgiving event you planned. It's called MOM BRAIN! At any rate, I had great intentions! However, I have some ideas to share with you to create an evening with friends that will be well worth all the preparation.

Friendsgiving With A Cause: Invite your friends over for delicious foods and attach a charity of choice to give to. Toy drives, coat drives and Turkeys are a great way to give back during this season of thankfulness and giving.

Friendsgiving Fun: So, you want to have friends over but you don’t desire the formal sit down dinner ambiance. Invite your friends over and make it a movie night or game night, while enjoying all the comfort foods of the season. Sometimes you just want to chill, eat good food and laugh, I get it!