FriendsGiving: Create A Memorable Evening With These 5 Suggestions

It’s November and I am sure many of you are planning Friendsgivings. Hopefully you are not like me and had to cancel because you planned an outing and forgot about the friendsgiving event you planned. It's called MOM BRAIN! At any rate, I had great intentions! However, I have some ideas to share with you to create an evening with friends that will be well worth all the preparation.

Friendsgiving With A Cause: Invite your friends over for delicious foods and attach a charity of choice to give to. Toy drives, coat drives and Turkeys are a great way to give back during this season of thankfulness and giving.

Friendsgiving Fun: So, you want to have friends over but you don’t desire the formal sit down dinner ambiance. Invite your friends over and make it a movie night or game night, while enjoying all the comfort foods of the season. Sometimes you just want to chill, eat good food and laugh, I get it!

Friendsgiving Formal: If you are anything like me, I love a nice formal dinner. Gather around the table, have a plated or family style dinner just like Hallmark Channel. If you really want to impress your guest a small gift at the table waiting for them is the way to go! As an added bonus, hire a staff to serve and or cook the food. This will allow you the opportunity to enjoy your guests from the time they walk into the door until they leave for the evening.

Friendsgiving Night Out: I get it, having an event at home probably exhausts you just thinking about it. No sweat girl! Dress up and have dinner at a restaurant. Reserve a room and enjoy an evening out without the sweat! Order a couple flower arrangements to create a festive table and go home without being responsible for the dishes.

Friendsgiving For The Kids: Gaining cool points as a mom can be difficult. One sure way is to allow your kiddo to host friendsgiving with you as the personal chef and assistant. Allow your child to invite a couple friends and enjoy music and food. Your kid that is a social butterfly will thank you!

I hope these suggestions give you some ideas to add to your friendsgiving dinner this season! I have one more suggestion for you, always how veggie/vegan/pescatarian options available for your guests, you want to make sure the crowd is pleased! !!!Happy Eating mamas!!!

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