The Power of Motherhood: Kim Porter's Influence

It's amazing what connects us. Although we all come from different walks of life, there are some characteristics about our lives and our journey that keeps us intuitively bonded. If you are reading this, chances are your connection with me is motherhood. We bond over our similarities and boast about our differences. Nevertheless, through and through, it's what make us similar that allows us to have a graceful heart and empathetic spirit.

I don’t know Kim Porter. I have never met her and I don’t know anyone personally in her inner social circles. However, there are some things I always admired about her. Her supermom cape, her beautiful chocolate skin that gave darker skinned girls like me, the further validation (just as Naomi and Iman) that we are beautiful and we too look like Barbie and her ability to walk in her truth publically after the dismantle of her and P. Diddy’s very public relationship between 1994 and 2007.

As women, our ability to connect is powerful. We witnessed what the comradery of women is like when we rally around one another last week when more than 100 women were elected into Congress. When we share our journey we have the ability to touch many people and empower them in ways we probably can’t really grasp. The untimely death of Kim Porter has shaken all moms because at the end of the day, once the Maserati is parked in the garage, the Chanel bag is placed on the couch, the Swarovski earrings are placed on the nightstand and the coffee is no longer hot, we are still mothers. We are all exhausted from the everyday busy-ness, we all feel our patience is running very low, we are connected.

Kim was a mommy mogul in her own right. She had four children (two boys and twin girls) who has taken to the likings of following in her footsteps, she was a model, an actress and an entre(mom)preneur. This is what connects us and is why this loss has the mom community feeling sadder than we intended to feel on Thursday. We mourn the likings of watching a mom like us support her childrens endeavors, enjoy the beauty in motherhood and flaunt the beauty of being a woman. She graciously shared all of that with us and we are blessed to have watched her tenacity in the eyes of the public. She handled break-ups with so much poise and grace and in an interview with Essence Magazine in 2009 she mentions that as a mom she didn’t have time to allow heartbreak to have her in a corner. She’s a woman.

Motherhood is like a club. We bond, we have our differences, we sometimes brag BUT we are all women who carry a love deeply for our children that only another mom can truly understand. In the short few hours it has been since I found out about Kim’s passing, I have felt a shift...A yearning to laugh more, enjoy my children more and enjoy life more. The year isn’t over mama’s so planning for the next one as you can see, could be a waste of time. JUST DO IT NOW. Start your blog, apply for school, sign up for that class, email your boss about wanting a promotion, use your voice and more importantly, love on yourself.

You are always becoming,


tomorrow everyday.

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