Your Child Isn't An Honor Student and Its Okay

Dear Mama, You are doing a great job. I know, you see everyone posting those report cards and you begin to feel inadequate. You may question if there is something wrong with you, or perhaps your child. You begin to feel you need to find a way to talk your way out of conversations when other parents boast on those straight A’s and academic achievements their child is experiencing. I know, you struggle being happy for others because you so desperately want to brag about your child too. I know it's difficult, I understand that your child has a learning disability or just struggle with understanding concepts. You are staying up late at night helping them with homework, only for them to barely pass the test. You actually hired a tutor that you are paying handsomely for, and still, the grades are not honor worthy. You probably have shared these struggles with the teacher and even with the extra help the teacher gives, the honor society seems further and further from reality. I GET IT GIRL! Here is what I want you to know…

Your worth as a mother is not defined by your children’s academic achievements all the time. You are trying your hardest and I know for sure you are cheering your child on every week for those quizzes and exams. I know that your child is trying their hardest too. Here is what I want your child to know…

Your parents are proud of you, young one. Your parents are not seeking perfection, they are seeking your hard work and determination. They want you to give your best effort. I know you are struggling and you are not an honor roll student and guess what? THAT IS OKAY! I know what it's like to work hard for a C in a class. I have been there! What I love most about children like you is, you don’t give up! You study endlessly, you try your hardest and you value hard work and determination. You parents are bragging on you too! They love your tenacity, your dedication and your ability to work under pressure. YOU TOO ARE COLLEGE BOUND!

Being a parent is not easy and we all have our struggles. I know some parents feel a sense of loneliness and inadequacy when they can’t share those flawless grades. It's important that you still uplift the brilliance of your child because you need it and so do they. Flawless grades doesn’t dismiss how brilliant your child is. I personally opt not to share my children’s grades because I feel that they belong to them. I share a lot, but some things I like to keep private and grades are one of those things. Continue to uplift your children. They are the light that keeps your moving forward and they need positive reinforcement too.

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