Let's Get Fancy

If you have a little girl they have been pretty stoked about Fancy Nancy on Disney Junior. I have to admit, I was pretty excited because I have plenty of the books and I really like the vibrant colors of the cinematography . Additionally, I appreciate the “Fancy” vocabulary that she introduces to children. To be completely transparent, some of the words are new to my vernacular as well.

Here’s the skinny about Fancy Nancy Nancy is a young girl with a vibrant imagination. She loves all things glitter, colorful, fancy and fabulous! With her love for all things French (language, vocabulary, pastries and much more) she uses her exquisite imagination to see the bright side of things in life by just adding a little bit of FANCY!

You Can Be Fancy Too Disney has done all of us FANCY girls a favor and has released volume one of Fancy Nancy episodes to DVD TODAY! The DVD includes six 22 minute episodes...yes TWENTY TWO MINUTES of quiet time for you to drink your coffee (at least that's how I see it!) So, for the minivan mom, like myself, you can take a little glitz and glam on the road. This means, before you hit the road tomorrow to head out of town pick up the DVD or if you are staying local but the drive is at least 30 minutes,