10 Host Gift Ideas

So, you are invited to a ton of Christmas parties and you are happy you aren't the host! I understand, I am rocking in the same boat with you girl! Although, I am not hosting an event, I love to show my appreciation to the host because I know all too well the hard work that goes into hosting events at home, especially during the holidays. As a guest this season, indulge in the spirit of the season and give the host a gift as a token of your appreciation. Here are some host gift ideas:

1. Candle - This never gets old. Everyone loves a candle. Be sure to get seasonal scents because those tend to go over well or go with Vanilla, it's the safe choice.

2. Bottle of Wine - A bottle of wine is always the perfect way to go, I suggest a white wine. Unless, you know your host prefers red wines.

3. Set of Coasters - You can never have enough coasters. Coasters are items that sometimes you aren't quick to purchase for yourself so, you are pretty grateful when its gifted to you.

4. Diffuser - I love diffusers. They are the equivalent of a candle. I recommend "minted" scents to gift.

5. Loose Tea and Infuser - No one can turn down a cup of hot tea when they experience a sore throat. It's a gift you are happy to have!

6. Digital Home Assistant - Google Home Mini or Echo Dot. You can have multiple of these devices in your home so, its okay to purchase one as a host gift!

7. Bag of Freshly ground Coffee - This is a great gift and you can pair it with a coffee mug (Dollar Tree has plenty). IF you know your host loves a good cup of coffee, they will thank you and chances are they will need it the next morning!

8. Serving Platter - Afterall, they are hosting an event! You can never have enough serving platters/trays.

9. Flight of Hand Soaps - This is great for hosts to have in the bathroom! This is an item that you love to be gifted for sure. Head to Bath and Body Works they have tons!

10. Gift Card it - I am typically not a gift card buyer! To be honest I don't care to do it however, there are some situations where it's necessary. Snag a gift card for a Coffee shop or Target, you can't go wrong...I promise!

Sometimes, we forget to show our gratitude to the host for opening their doors and showing us a great time. A small token of appreciation goes a long way! Enjoy those holiday parties!

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