Unisex Secret Santa Gift Ideas

The yearly Secret Santa exchange has begun and now you are tasked with purchasing a gift that is within the $10, $15 or $20 price range. You probably have no idea what to buy and you're dreading it. Well, cheer up! I have some ideas for you that are unisex and the recipients will love it. Just don't forget to put it in a nice gift bag.

$10 Gift Ideas

1. Power Bank - To be honest I don't think you can have enough of these. Check out the ones at Target

2. Electronics Bag Organizer - One thing is for sure everyone has electronics and when traveling we all could do a better job at keeping these items organized. Amazon has a great option!

$15 Gift Ideas

1. Stemless Wine Glasses - Stemless are important because they appeal to males. Check out these at Crate and Barrel

2. Smart Bulb - This is a cool tech option. Its an item that you want to consider but you haven't purchased it. Check out this one from Walmart.

$20-$25 Gift Ideas

1. Incense - Yes, men tend to prefer incense sometimes over Candles. Ladies, we tend to like anything that smells great. Check these out at Urban Outfitters

2. Moscow Mule Cups - Hey we all love to have our drinks in the appropriate cups. Bed Bath and Beyond have great set of two and if you have a coupon you just might save a couple coins!

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