Invisible Mother

I see you but I understand sometimes you feel as if you are not seen. You feel as if your work is going unnoticed and you wonder everything you are doing is worth the pressure.

Sometimes as a mom you can feel invisible. You feel as though, you do so much for everyone and you haven't quite reaped the benefits of the fruit of your loin. Which is sometime a little interesting because we really aren't sure what kind of recognition we really desire. Okay, yes, a trip to a tropical destination or massage is always on the top of the list. Seriously though, we just want to feel that we are seen.

We pick up, we drop off, we cook, we rush and through it all we are still expected to have a smile on our face...however, we often wonder if it's even seen because...yeah, we feel invisible.

I have news for you, you are not invisible. As a matter of a fact you are invincible! You cannot be stopped! You are the force that keeps your home running, you are the epicenter and the command center. If you need additional reassurance, here are a couple tips you can use to make you feel a little better.

1. Grab Comfort Food

2. Do something that brings you joy.

3. Call someone that makes you laugh.

4. Listen to songs that make you feel good (Listen To This)

5. Watch one of your favorite movies

6. Write

7. Enjoy a glass of wine in the tub (with or without water. Its a chance to layout discreetly)

8. Take a ride in the car (pair it with the music)

9. Visit a friend or family member's house

10. Share your feelings with your mate.

Here is to all the women that feel invisible. This message will give you hope and remind you, God see you. Keep building cathedrals ladies!

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