Back To School (Winter Edition)

Happy New Year! We are back to business mamas! The New Year is here and for those of us with school aged children that means back to our routine and for me this means an even busier routine because my oldest daughter is in competition season for dance. It is during this time I would highly recommend parents take inventory of what their child needs for school. I was speaking with a school teacher and she shared that many children are unprepared once school resumes. Besides becoming acclimated with being in school for 6 hours again, they do not have adequate supplies and have become laxed. Here are a couple key points to jumpstart a productive New Year for the remaining months of school..

1. Check in with your child regarding school school supplies. Ask about pencils, paper and any additional supplies they may be low on or have misplaced. This is not only beneficial for your child but the teacher. Some teachers have extra supplies but some don’t so, as parents it's a great idea to be proactive. Surly if Santa can deliver, we can deliver school supplies.

2. Send the teacher a quick email and ask if there is anything they are aware of that your child needs going into the last semester of the school year.

3. Check your child's backpack for ripped or torn folders etc.

4. Adequate winter attire. Some schools require recess daily, so make sure your children have their winter gear ready!

5. *BONUS* We officially in flu season, send you child to school with an extra boost with EmergenC or an orange.

These are just FIVE super simple suggestions for your child to start the New Year and last semester on the right foot without excuses or anything holding them back from successfully completing the academic year.

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