Reflections of Dr. Kings Dream

Today we celebrate the life and love of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It's a day we reflect on how far we have come, how far we have gone back and strides we have left to go. I am reminded as a parent, that I have a hand in the dreams of my children and the dreams I have for myself. As we kick off this new year, I think having a dream is a detrimental part of those goals we have set forth for ourselves. Let’s consider how we can be like King…

  1. Read- I Heard King was an avid reader. He was intellectually sound because he understood the importance of staying educated. Not only in the sense of academia but the power of learning.

  2. Love - He had a heart that was genuinely for the people and his family. He understood he could make an impact and it was clear how he wanted to make it happen. He sacrificed himself because he understood the call on his life was larger than himself.

  3. Challenge The System - King knew the system was flawed. He understood that Blacks and Whites should be able to coexist along with all people of many religions and nations. He used his voice because he knew there was power in it. USE YOUR VOICE MAMAS

  4. Peace - While challenging the system doesn't come easy and it comes with much strife, her understood the importance of displaying peace to cancel out the hate. He understood that Love conquers all.

  5. DREAM - Dr. King’s Dream has been shared for decades now and it is living proof what co