How Husbands Can Help SAHMompreneurs

Being a stay at home mom is rewarding in many ways. Not solely for the reasons many think like, daycare costs, not “working” at your typical place of employment or spending countless hours with your kiddos not missing one single moment. I mean, all of those are rewarding and are reasons I actually love being home with my children however, for me it's an opportunity to connect with my passions. My passion is writing. I have loved writing since 2nd grade and I always wanted to be a writer. I didn’t know it would manifest this way but it has and I am grateful for the experience. However, all of this comes at a price, not monetarily (well actually it does sometimes) but you actually NEED on your husband more than they think (cue the suspense music).

You see, when you are chasing your passion as a SAHM you are doing so with your children. For those of you who work, imagine seeing your clients with your toddler on your hip, or imagine trying to close a deal and a kid is having a tantrum. With this, some things need to be done without children around (I love those people that think because you are a SAHM you have time for sales jobs! Ha, silly rabbits, I am begging kids all want me to beg adults too?!). This means we need our husbands around for those tasks. Here is the conundrum, once our husbands arrive home from work they are exhausted from their day too. Between the morning rush, the work day and the commute home, rightfully so the day has been a long one for them. However, we are equally just as tired and need a moment to take a load off (or out of the washer or dryer if you are me). Basically, we need to dive into our passions.