Snow Days: Indoor Fun For Your Kids

As we head into subzero temperatures in Chicago, I wanted to share some tips with parents as we not only brave the cold temps but brave the next couple days at home with children ALL DAY LONG. Now, if you are a SAHM and you have littles at home all day, I want you to take this opportunity to allow your kiddos to bond with the older kids or hand them off to your spouse because you could use a couple DAYTIME minutes to yourself!

PLEASE be mindful the temps will be dangerously low. Please do not allow those crazy teens to do any challenges or anything silly as the cold temps are said to be unsafe. Also, this is not the time to play in the that for a later date. Here is a list of fun activities for your children INDOORS!

LET’S PLAY SUMMER: If you follow my insta stories, you saw my littles “play summer” and it was a great time for them. Pull out the water table and bring it indoors. Crank up the heat in the house and let them have fun. If you don’t have a water table, put on swim suits and play in the tub with lots of toys. Also, you can Blow bubbles and if you have a chalk board, play with the chalk.

*MOM HACK: No chalk board, use a brown paper bag and tape it down!