Reality TV Mom Connects Us All

So, during the subzero temperatures in Chicago and the 24 hour bug that held me captive, I was able to binge watch an entire season of Yummy Mummies. Yummy Mummies is housewives meets motherhood, so you know I was pretty intrigued. The show is based in Australia (hence, Mummy instead of Mommy) and these mama’s are rolling in the dough. I am talking Designer everything, pacifiers, bottles, swaddles, baby carriers and the list goes on. The show is centered around four pregnant (One mom pregnant with her second) mothers who are bubbling with excitement over becoming new moms...with style.

As a stay at home mother myself, I am always open to checking out what other mamas are doing. Not to mention, I have to admit, I have seen moms who are amongst the likings of these

yummy mums. Moreover, despite the exotic Push Gifts and fancy designer handbags...and pacifiers, motherhood connects us all in a way that surpasses wealth. We all endure months of pregnancy, unbearable labor pains and cesarean scars. We all, love our children immensely and we all are women that are trying our best at a task that has no rule book. Motherhood is a bonded experience that should be shared with one another. There is so much we can learn from one another and so much we can give. Watching shows like this reminds me of the importance of having a tribe of moms friends that you can call on. Moms need moms and I firmly believe that (Remember The Motherhood Hotline (561) THE - MRS2). To be honest we all are Yummy Mummies in our own right!

I hope you have a chance to check out the show and stay warm if you are in the Chicagoland area! Check out their instagram page here!

Here is a breakdown of the cast

Maria Di Geronimo: I am mentioning her first because she is the most annoying to the other girls. I have to admit her obsession with designer brands and her mean girl attitude was not appealing at all, but it makes for good TV I guess. She is the only unwed mom on the show (later becomes engaged) and the only one born with a silver spoon in her mouth literally. She gushes over how wealthy and spoiled she is while her mother Margherita serves as her personal hype man... you have to see it take place. Her fiance has two part time jobs, one is a barber and the other is taking care of Maria (insert gasps here, I know.)

Lorinska Merrington: She’s a showstopper. She is tall and full of personality. She’s a model and Traffic Reporter. She modestly flaunts her wealth but reminds you of a couple accomplishments. She represented Australia in the Miss Universe pageant, she holds a Masters degree in Education and married to a former Footballer.

Jane Scandizzo: Veteran mom of the group, is pregnant with her second child on the show and they consider her their go to for all things motherhood. She’s the quiet one out of the bunch, which would shock you to know she is socialite and a model. She doesn’t flaunt her wealth too much but don’t let her silence be confused for being weak. She’s married to a celebrity hairstylist.

Rachel Watts: She's the down to earth friend that will defend you (she is a fitness enthusiast)! She’s really funny and her personality is very bubbly! She has an unforgettable laugh and knows how to put you in your place while smiling...and laughing. She is a state retail manager for a fashion brand. She is married to a real estate agent.

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