My Husband, The Second Class Citizen

Let me be honest. I am a hopeless romantic. Like a serious one. I know you are probably surprised, but I am. I love all of Disney’s Fairy Tales and I wanted a wedding that was just that. Luckily I got that. My husband was such a prince charming for that entire season. Let’s be real though, every moment is not going to be a like a fairytale, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. However, you can make a choice in this love thing.

As a mom we can treat our husbands like a second class citizen. Yes, I am saying it because I am being honest. Although I try to limit this type of behavior I know sometimes I can be cold and it's primarily due to exhaustion or frustration over needy kids. From a mama's eyes though, husbands (in particular) appear to have it made, RIGHT? They seem to not have much of a care in the world and we (the mamas) seem to bear all of the hardships. They chill in the bathroom for long hours, business trips sound like vacations to us, they get dressed with no stress, I mean they look like they are living the life! Whereas, we are the disciplinarian, we are the comforter, we are the doctor, we are the teacher...seriously, it's almost like we are God to our children, although we would never take such credit ever! Digging deeper though, this is a myth and here is why.

Men worry a lot. They hold in emotions much more than women do and they carry the weight of their worries internally. As we enter the month of love let’s consider ways we can love on our husbands in the areas where we know they are pretty weak. Most men, that's their health. I have a shortlist of action items I am looking to accomplish for my husband out of love. Make yourself a shortlist that is doable. Don’t create tasks that you know you can't realistically deliver or you will feel like a crappy wife and that we know you are not! This list is great for you to carry into the month of February. I know you love your husband and I know you appreciate him...and don't worry girl, I will have a post ready for him on ways he can love on you too!

Sample List of ideas

Schedule Medical Appointments

Primary Care

Medical Specialty (if there is something pre-existing)





Grooming and Pampering





Cook dietary friendly meals

Pack Lunches

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