Dear Non-Black Mom: Your Child Should See Diversity In Books Too

As we kick off black history month, I began to pull out all of the children’s books that are about black children. Representation not only matters but it is the foundation that our children have to know that a dream is attainable. What our kids read in books doesn't have to be a mythical representation of what could be. The richness of reading is the ability to not only learn about the vast array of things that are different from us but the plethora of things that actually connects us.

Children of other racial backgrounds that are non-black should see this representation too. Non black children deserve to see what the world looks like, outside of their family and neighborhood. This enriches their views of what black people are and can be. It destroys any ideologies that suggest suppression against our culture and debunks the myths of what is thought about an entire race of people. When you introduce black people in literature to your children you are sending them positive messages about our culture. Additionally, you are providing them with an opportunity to see the re