Organic Love

I really feel my blog has formed a community and I am so humbled to have so many of you who read and follow the movement of becoming the best version of you as a mother everyday. If you did not know me prior to 2016, you would be shocked to find out that I have blogged off and on since 2010. Yes, I know your jaw has dropped to the floor. Next, you are probably thinking, why am I not famous or a host of other things.

Well, here is the skinny.

I started the blog (You can take a look here) as a companion to my website. I was not a “blogger” per se, more so, just sharing my thoughts and opinions on everything Fashion and entertainment. I was more focused on the monetization of my business, RedE.Image (which is now a consulting firm and not Public Relations) and not the blogger aspect. Blogging for me was an outlet for me to express myself through writing. As I reflect back on those days and I look at where I am today, I am so grateful to have come back around to doing what I really enjoy, writing and using it in ways that inspire other moms. Additionally, my focus was a million other places. I was really busy at events, I had clients and I was really enjoying the life of entertainment. Eventually, my PR love began to fade and things began to shift in my life and it landed me where you see me today. Married with 5 children! Blessing!

In the spirit of love, as we approach Valentines Day, I would like to share w