Motherhood With A Handful of Children

Being a mother is such a blessing. I remember once I got married, I was ready to have more children immediately. When I say immediately, I mean I wanted to be one of those women that were pregnant a couple months later. Unfortunately, that was not my story. I had some health challenges (unrelated to fertility) that had to be addressed so, I knew pregnancy was going to hold me back a bit. However, I was ready! I downloaded my ovulation app and I was certain this was going to be a quick situation, I mean besides, I had birthed a baby in 2003, surely in 2014 I was ready!

Let’s take a step back.

When the news broke that I was engaged there was a swarm of questions, well, primarily two of them. First, have you picked a date and next, do you guys want to have more kids. Now, the answer to these questions were pretty easy for me to answer, Yes and Definately! Whoa, what a hellstorm I was embarking upon! My husband and I came into our marriage with three children from previous relationships so, we had experienced on several occasions, just what it was like to have a “large family.” However, it was really apparent to us, once it was known that we wanted to add more children to our inherently large squad.