What Target Means To Moms

Target. Oh how us moms love Target right? We joke around about the money we spend, the amount of time we soak up there and the "not so" dollar section that seems to dig holes in our pockets every trip! The craze over Target for moms, has become the signature butt end of motherhood jokes and motherhood advice. We turn to Target for those grocery items we forget to pick up at the grocery store, we look to them for those Valentines Day items we pick up the night before our kids are to bring them to school, we are there grabbing wine for the Dinner Party we are attending, we speed there for those diapers and wipes that seem to keep us there every week and sometimes we even stop by for last minute fashion options for vacations. The point is, Target is a place we congregate and everyone knows it. No matter what race or socioeconomic status, Target unites us.

But underneath those jokes, there is a layer there that seems to be the elephant in the room.

Target Its more than those last minute items, those cute decorative home good finds, the hair products and medication, it's the overall Target mom experience, it's an escape!

You see, Target is my favorite store (and my 2 year old, I kid you not, she cries if you pass one) because its a place to escape. It's the place I run to when I need to pick up quick items however, when I go alone, I am able to think. I am able to find peace in scaling the aisle for items I never intended to purchase, I am soaking in the moments of not having my babies with me, while they are attempting to jump out of the cart, knock down all the items on the racks, bum rushing the check out line’s snack items and begging for every item that literally sends their sensory antennas into overdrive.

Target for moms is so much more than what we actually notice.

It's not only a place we turn to for quick trips for necessary items. It's our breath of fresh air, its where we go so find sanity amidst our motherhood woes, its where we run to when we need a break from our home life (married and or single), its therapy without talking to anyone but ourselves, s our opportunity to pick ourselves up by our yoga pants and find comfort in knowing everything will be alright and it's the solace in understanding that we are not in this motherhood journey alone.it'sIt's

Target evokes our thoughts of so much.

When we are alone and we see the mom with her children and her face is wearing stress, we are reminded that in our struggles are not isolated and they are universal struggles that many mothers face daily...it's refreshing to know we are not alone.

When we are with our children and we see the mom strolling the aisle alone with a sense of peace on her face as she grabs those diapers, baby snacks and lunchables, we are reminded its okay to take time for ourselves and do shopping alone without kids.

When we are there late at night just before they close for the evening, while we are picking up last minute Halloween treats for our child's classroom the night before and we bump into our doctor (this literally happened to me) and she is doing the same thing, we are reminded, there is so much that unites moms than divides us.