Valentine's Day Ideas For Your Family

It's Valentine's Day Eve and you are probably stumped about date night ideas for you and your spouse. Additionally, you are probably contemplating how you can incorporate your children with the Valentine’s Day festivities. I have a list of ideas for you because you do not have time to waste.

Valentines Day Activities With Your Spouse

  1. Mani Pedi - This is an activity that you probably need and your spouse as well. It's great to experience this together.

  2. Dinner and A Movie - I know this may seem like the same ol' thing however, when you want time alone with your spouse for adult conversation, this is a sure thing.

  3. Couples Massage - While this may not include much conversation, it allows for much relaxation that the both of you could use.

Valentines Day Activities For The Family

  1. Dinner - Sometimes a dinner with just your spouse and children is an outing that doesn't happen often. Treat the kiddos to their favorite dining spot.

  2. Dave and Busters/Indoor Gaming Entertainment - The kids want to do something fun, I am sure you could use excitement and a cocktail...I am SURE OF IT!

  3. Slumber Party - Break out the pillows and blankets and let the children sleep in your room and watch a movie and include fun snacks they all will love. This is a great way to bond and connect. Secure the night with a two movie max. Let the kids stay up, just explain the next day is going to be a struggle in the morning.


Valentines Day For Your Parentals

  1. Deliverables - Send your parents flowers, you can never go wrong with this!

  2. Gift Certificate - Send your mom and or pops to have a couples massage. I know they would appreciate that or Provide them with a gift certificate for a night away at a hotel.

  3. Double Date - Invite your parents with you and the kids for dinner. Time spent with grandparents is always a bonus!

I hope these ideas at least spark your interest and give you a jumpstart on ideas for you and your loved ones.

Happy Valentines Day!

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