Internet Safety With A Disney Twist

Internet Safety. It's the one thing I think all parents can agree on no matter the age of their children; from toddlers to teens...heck even as adults, we all have a genuine concern here. I must admit, the entire conversation can be exasperating because I have teens and tots so there are levels to how I need to handle safety precautions and BELIEVE ME, I have had some run ins in this department. Being married to a Software Architect and as a digital media consultant myself, I am pretty knowledgeable about the internet. However, for some reason you would think, providing our professional experiences, how is it possible that our children continuously outsmart us in this department.

So, frustrating right? Ugh!

Children make you question your intelligence! It’s amazing what they absorb, what they understand and what they can teach themselves. No lie, five degrees later, sixteen years of parenting and yeah, they still outsmart us...consequently though, we end up catching them and I have solutions on how you can monitor your kiddos from YOUR phone, so you can catch your too! Ha!

If you are reading this, I am pretty certain you are a parent and you love learning tricks and hacks you can use to navigate through the complexities of internet safety with ease.

You are in luck mama’s, I have you covered!

Innately a researcher, I love to share knowledge I have learned with other parents. I spoke with licensed social worker, Robert Lowe and he shared with me an app called Circle that was created by Disney. It's a small cube shaped device you purchase that allows you to set all of the heavenly parental controls you have dreamt of for your children’s electronic devices from an app. This super dope app allows you to set restrictions for any app you like (instagram, snapchat, facebook, tik tok etc.) by allowing you to customize controls for any child in your home (or adult... gasp).

This cool app and device will certainly have your kids thinking that Wreck it RALPH has definitely indeed BROKE THE INTERNET! In the Disney animation, Ralph Breaks The Internet, proclaimed internet bad guy, Ralph and friend Vanellope learn the importance of internet safety. This movie is a great way to introduce to children why internet safety is important through the comedic eyes Ralph and friends. RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET is available in Digital 4K Ultra HD and on Movies Anywhere on Feb. 12th and in 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray on Feb. 26th

As parents we never want to be viewed as “the bad guy/gal” but as a parent in 2019 and beyond, we have to set limitations on how our children use the internet and think about what's best for them long term, not about being cool. Ralph Breaks The Internet takes children on a journey with Ralph as he learns about the internet and how it actually works (good and bad). I understand with younger children, It can be difficult to understand EXACTLY what internet safety means. I think this film will give your young child a better understanding! Check latest instagram post for details on how you can win your very own digital copy of the movie.

Want to see just how circle works? Check out this video below, want to learn more about Circle with Disney click here, Want to purchase a cube TODAY Click here.

Circle With Disney Cube's can be purchased on Amazon, at Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. Please check local retailers for instore purchases before heading there.