President's Day Activities To Do At Home

Presidents Day is today, and I am sure you have the kids at home and you probably feel more inclined to just stay inside; especially if you are in regions where the weather isn’t so favorable. I understand your sentiments, trust me! I believe President's Day can be overlooked; and it doesn’t help when the current President is one that doesn’t serve the rights of the people, no matter what political party affiliation you prefer. Nevertheless, President's Day is a day we

should teach our children about politics on a small scale (heavier scale for those teens) additionally, it's a day when we can share with them information about the Presidents that

have been important to the history of our nation and to African Americans (since its Black History Month). I have a couple activities you can do an AT home that can make you feel confident that your child learned something new today about a President that they didn't know before.

Money - Presidents are the face of the U.S. Currency. Sharing with your children who those individuals are and why they got a spot on currency is a great way to hone in on the day. With using Credit/Debit cards so much, I think this is a great day to play around with currency.

Movie Time - Check any streaming service you subscribe to and watch for movies that are President based or are about actual Presidents. Here are a couple options:

“Southside With You” - This is for the teen who is well aware of President Obama and would like to enjoy the backstory to how him and Michelle Obama got together.

“Game Change” - A look into John McCain's Presidential campaign. This is for the teens that understand the presidency but are interested in a deeper knowledge about those campaigns.

“The Special Relationship” - All about the relationship between President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

“The Wheelchair President” - This is a wonderful way for your child to understand that even with a disability, you can still be President.

“Barry” - This movie is a great inside scoop on the makings of President Obama.

“Young Mr. Lincoln” - Film about Abraham Lincoln in his younger days.

“Lee Daniels The Butler” - This film is for older children.

“Lincoln” - During the civil war, the film shows the hardships Lincoln faced to make changes.

“The American President” - Love story about a President.

“First Kid” - This is a comedy about what it's like to be a child of the President.

Book It - Dig in those bookshelves and find a book that is about presidents. If you don’t have a book here are links to a couple books on youtube, with pictures. Just navigate to the links and let the video do the talking.

Presidents Day

George Washington and The General's Dog

My Teacher For President

Arthur Meets The President

Mock Campaign - If you are in the mood to be creative, have your child create a mini campaign and give a speech. They can create a powerpoint presentation if they would like to get fancy.

Women And The Presidency - Share with your children, some of the brave women that ran for President or Vice President.

Listen To A Speech- Sometimes listening to a great speech is great for the entire family.

I can't wait to see how you spend the day!

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