Spring Sports Are Coming!

I promise, Spring is coming! According to the calendar we have just about four weeks left of winter blues. I actually really love the springtime; it's a reminder of the birth of new things

(well my last two births were in the spring) and I feel like it’s an opportunity to do something different. Winter sports have ended (if you aren’t in the playoffs) and with that extra time your child has a couple options. They can take the rest of the school year to spend more time with their studies or friends, they could continue training or taking classes with a facility unaffiliated with the school or they can just do nothing at all.

Your child may not have told you but I am going to let you in on something because you deserve to know! Spring sports tryouts are starting now! Below is a list of sports your child could potentially be interested in. Pull your child to the side for a chat about the sports listed below and ask them if they are up for trying something new. Sometimes our children withhold information because they know whatever it is, it's something that excites us in a way that they are not particularly fond of. Encourage your child to keep their bodies active during this time because it's a great stimuli for their brain as they wrap up the school year.

Bright side...

If your child had a “not so good” first half of the school year, the spring sports are a great way to boost morale and give your child an opportunity to end the school year with positivity and encouragement; as they push through the last few months. Spring sports is the perfect way to keep your child active and it gives them an extra boost that is sometimes needed during those months where you can just taste the sweetness of the last day of school. Sometimes our kids need an extra push and taking a break is what they need to get their grades where they would like them to be and we do have to take that into consideration.

Sports are always a great solution for children to not only be active but it also fosters a social life. We want our kids educational experience to be a fun time, not one that was rigid. Ask your child today about spring sports.

  • Lacrosse

  • Swimming/Water Polo/Aquatic Sports

  • Softball

  • Baseball

  • Soccer

  • Track and Field

  • Badminton

  • Volleyball (boys)

  • Gymnastics

  • Tennis

  • Golf

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