The Day The Glitter Faded - I'm A Mom: Now What?

Baby carrying and pushing!

I first noticed things were changing when my daughter told me she didn’t want clothes from Justice anymore. OMG I was hurt, literally I was sad. I couldn’t understand why. How could you not love all of the glitter, bling and matchy - matchy girly clothes? It was simple, she was growing up. It was at this point, I realized it was time I take a step back and allow her to grow. I begin to watch her, practically study the kid. As I mourned the loss of my oldest baby girl growing up, I had to quickly become acclimated with the maturer version of her that was manifesting. For a moment I felt like I was losing our connection (and in a sense I was) and I couldn't allow that to happen. I have to admit, it was difficult but it became a beautiful transition.