The Day The Glitter Faded - I'm A Mom: Now What?

Baby carrying and pushing!

I first noticed things were changing when my daughter told me she didn’t want clothes from Justice anymore. OMG I was hurt, literally I was sad. I couldn’t understand why. How could you not love all of the glitter, bling and matchy - matchy girly clothes? It was simple, she was growing up. It was at this point, I realized it was time I take a step back and allow her to grow. I begin to watch her, practically study the kid. As I mourned the loss of my oldest baby girl growing up, I had to quickly become acclimated with the maturer version of her that was manifesting. For a moment I felt like I was losing our connection (and in a sense I was) and I couldn't allow that to happen. I have to admit, it was difficult but it became a beautiful transition.

As she grew, so did I, in many ways that I didn’t realize would happen. I begin to notice the commonalities we shared. Music, TV Shows, Food, Clothes; literally, it's not painstaking to do these things with her, I actually enjoy it. However, this was not overnight. Birthing a connection with your child can be difficult and you have to allow yourself the space to feel vulnerable. Motherhood and parenting is not a dictatorship, it is a relationship that requires nurturing. Through this experience, I feel I allowed myself an opportunity to be someone my children could look to be trustworthy and credible, NOT PERFECT!

My Four Daughters and I

Motherhood is a journey that has no handbook and no right or wrong answers (for the most part). The I’m A Mom: Now What? Handbook is based solely on experience. These are principles that I implemented into my parenting style and I wanted to share it. I wanted to design something for mothers that desired a deeper connection with their child(ren). I wanted the handbook to be something that women could read and implement immediately. My desire was for this handbook to meet you where you are, to get you to where you desire to be, in REAL TIME. As our children grow, they change and we change as well. Overtime, we notice our children begin to mature, interests change and sometimes we don’t know how to process all ot it. We can sit back and watch, or we can hop on board and figure out how we can be a source to site in their life.

My Advice For Navigating through the content.

Change happens over time. I recommend you take your time with this handbook. Complete the modules weekly. Allow this to be a Five week program for you to work through. Print the workbook and take notes. There is plenty of space in the handbook for you to use as a workspace. Use this as you guide as you head into a new season, Spring is all about making things new again!

Download your copy of the handbook today and I hope it blesses your journey as a mother and builds a stronger bond and connection with children that is intentional.

Jaylah, Myself and Jesa

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