2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It's the holiday season, Christmas is lurking around the corner and the gift guides are coming to your inbox at rapid speed. I don’t know about you but we were struggling with gift ideas for our toddlers, teenagers and family members, especially since we are celebrating during one of the worst pandemics in modern day history (let that sink in...wow!).

The good news is, I have some ideas for ways you can approach your gift buying this year that may help!

Consider The Circumstances

Look mama’s the reality is, there is a pandemic and school closures and openings are unpredictable. Curate your list of gifts for your kids according to things they can play with solo or with a sibling. Since we have been ordered to stay home and do things with our household, purchasing items that will make your child miss social interaction may not be a good move this year. This applies to your extended family and friends as well. This year is different which means your gift buying may look a little different too.

Become Digitally Savvy

I never thought the day would come when people would express their exhaustion for being on the computer, but I have heard that a bit more and I completely understand it. But let’s be honest, it's keeping us connected, employed and educated. As you begin to fine tune your Christmas list. Consider how you can become more savvy with items on your list as it pertains to tech. Does someone need a better printer, tablet, cell phone, digital home assistant or smart TV? These are some of the things that we can add to our lists as well.

Entertainment Gifts

I know this is a time many parents surprise children with tickets to concerts, trips etc. however, we should begin to hold off because things are just so uncertain. We don’t want to surprise them with trips, only for them to be cancelled later. Take a rain check. Consider in home indoor entertainment options for your family. Even if that means another streaming service or expanding your cable options (I know…you don’t even want to consider it). You can create a game room in the basement or maybe a new gaming console they have been wanting...or maybe a theater room for the entire family to enjoy.

Gifts From The Heart

Due to the circumstances, gifts that are truly heartfelt is the way to go (I think). Those personalized items are great ideas for family and friends. These are gifts that are heartfelt and remind us that, even though we are apart, there is still plenty of love. Check out online shops like the Personalization Mall or even Shutterly.

Lounging Around

Since we are spending lots of time at home, gift your family members with loungewear and all the trimmings. The winter time is coming and with home orders in place, we are spending more and more time in the house. Grab lounge wear, cozy socks or slippers and any other items that can make staying home more comfortable. If you really want to take it up a notch, purchase a new comforter set, pillows or throw blankets. This is perfect for children and teens too!

Let’s Get Cooking

I have noticed since more working mamas are working remotely, there has been more time to prepare meals for some but it may be difficult for others due to e-learning. Consider buying that friend or relative in your life a Crock Pot, Crock Pot Instant (or Instapot) or Air fryer. These are now kitchen staples that every mama needs in her kitchen. If you have a friend or family member that loves to bake, buy them new cookware or kitchen utensils and gadgets.

Getting Active

Many have returned to the gym and some have not. However, with new shelter in place orders changing rapidly, bring the gym home to you. Peloton seems to have gained a lot of steam this year, however, if you don’t have the coins go old school, that works too. This is great for teenagers and younger children too. Many were once active with sports and are now home with less activity than they are used to. Buy equipment that is appropriate for their age. This includes indoor trampolines, yoga gear, weights, jump ropes etc. If you really want to win them over, buy workout attire. Teengirls love that. Here is a quick amazon link for kids, exercise equipment.

Subscription Services

I think we all can agree, these services can become costly. Gift someone with a subscription that may be quarterly or yearly. Check out a list of them here These are great for children too. Look for those holiday specials because the cost can add up fairly quickly.

Gift Cards

Let me be honest. These are my least favorite gifts to give BUT I think due to the circumstances, these are appreciated more than ever! In addition, times are hard for people, gift cards can really be a saving grace during those times of need.