24 Hours In An RV

I think if you are a person that is down for an adventure, you have been at least curious about traveling in a motorhome aka RV. We have successfully completed our first 24 hours and it's everything I have expected. The babies have been just that and the teens have been just that. However, what I have enjoyed thus far is the coziness of the motorhome especially during the rain. The sounds of the rain hitting the RV sounds like a spa and it's perfect for sleeping. Honestly, we have felt pretty relaxed and just enjoying the idea of being still, not having an agenda and allowing ourselves the space just chill.

Adventure Awaits!

If you are following me on social, you can see who is running the show, my soon to be three year old (next week) Jisele #TheJissyLife. Upon the arrival of the RV, she called it a bus and was filled with Joy! She has been running, jumping and enjoying all the nooks and crannies of the RV. My 11 month old (Turning one next week) has been crawling all over, enjoying the free range and basically being a baby hopping arm to arm. It's pretty cool to not worry about outlets within her reach and having the extra arms! My teens have been watching Netflix, Youtube and eating snacks all day. My husband, has been catching up on some much needed rest. As for me, I am enjoying the idea of not being confined to a time schedule and absorbing how cool this experience is for us. I have also enjoyed cooking in such a tiny space. I will explain why later. For now, Follow my Insta Stories as I chronicle our week long trip dedicated to adventure.

Watching Baby Shark Videos!

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