5 Activities To Get You Through The Last Month Of Summer

The summer is winding down and parents are feeling a bit overwhelmed with keeping kiddos busy and not losing their minds (insert a glass of wine here!). I understand! You are probably depleted from dishing money to summer camps, activities and random outings in your city and beyond. Here are a handful of ideas to get you through the last leg of summer break!

Take a Walk - Put air in those bicycle tires, load the littles in the wagon and take a walk around your neighborhood. I would suggest you do this early in the morning before its extremely hot or later in the evening when the sun isn’t at its peak. Bring plenty of juice boxes, water and snacks. Taking a walk feels good and can be therapeutic.

Sleepover - We spend so much time outdoors, allow your kiddos to bring a couple friends over. Let them make all the treats instead of buying them and let the kids just hang out! There is plenty on Netflix to keep them occupied and you can bring out those board games that are probably full of dust! Lol!

Keep It Local - Check your community calendar for events and activities. This is a great way to not feel overwhelmed by taking on those larger crowds. Take advantage of the music in the park nights.

Catch A Movie - If you have the flexibility, check out a couple matinee movies. This allows you to beat the heat and still get out of the house. If your area has those discounted movie theaters, that's even better! Side Note: Remember dollar movies? Good Ol’ days!

Free Museum - There are plenty or museums that are free. They may not be the popular ones but the point is to venture out and learn something new. Find local museums in you area that are free. Make sure you pack your lunch or snacks because the smaller museums typically do not have on site food options.

Summer break is full of excitement in May and after about the first month; probably after the 4th of July, the excitement dwindles down and parents are ready for the school year to begin. I have to be honest, the school year is an extremely busy time for me. I enjoy summer break because I am not bound to clocks! Nevertheless, I too understand why summer break can begin to feel a bit much. Hang in there mamas! The school supplies are starting to appear in the stores! Back to school is coming!