A Day In The Birkenstock

Have you ever wondered what its like to walk a day in the shoes of a woman you admire or a mom who you feel is handling motherhood the way you would like to see yourself do it? I know we all joke about Beyonce and what it would be like to crush a 24 hour day the way she does. But on a more granular level, what about the day of another mom friend or a mom outside of your community.

Walking a day in the shoes of a mom is as tough as walking through grass with heels on. With each step you feel secure until something happens and you are knocked off balance, when your heels sink down into the grass! The Sinking Heels of Motherhood, I tell ya!

Recently, I participated in an activity that was all about about swapping shoes LITERALLY( just holding the shoe, not wearing it! HA!) with another mom and taking a look at the shoe, imagining what that mom must be like. Surprisingly, this exercise was done in a room full of Birkenstock wearing moms being the majority (I was not one of them) it was so insane to conclude just how many woman had on the same shoe. However, this further solidified to me that we are all alike more than we are different in ways we never thought.

Prior to the activity, I must be honest, I never really paid much attention to the shoes that the women were wearing. However, what I learned that day was, most moms are TRYING THEIR BEST. The shoes of a mom tells the story. Would you believe a room of 50 women wore shoes that didn't have laces. Moms are missional. Our primary focus is completing tasks as quickly as possible hence, we don't even have time to lace our own shoes.

SO, this week as you start checking things off your to-do lists and fussing at the kids. Remind yourself to take a moment and think about another woman who's situation may not be as ideal as yours. Another mother who has so much on her plate. Allow that to humble your tantrums and your disdain.

Also, I guess, consider buying a pair of Birkenstock Shoes! ( no this is not an add and I don't have affiliate links).

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