Advocating For Women In The Workplace Through Your Spouse

Your husband or significant other walks through the door, you say HEY! You may give him a kiss and or hand him a kid and RUN! Wait, is that just me? It can’t be right?! . Seriously though, I don’t do it in that order but you get the idea. Typically, upon my husband arriving home, I prepare his plate and its on the table when he walks through the door, yes I am that girl (my man loves food!). During this time while he is chowing down on food and the kids are attempting to attack him, I ask him about his day at work. Depending on the day or level of stress he may not indulge but most often he does.

My husband is in a leadership role where it requires him to hire and terminate people and yes, these conversations make it to the home front. I listen and give advice, I like to think of myself as the wildcard in his decisions and this is why I want to encourage you to do the same.

I am a girls girl, feminist and all about empowering women and mothers in and out of the workplace. When I worked at an ad agency, I didn’t feel as though there was someone advocating for me as a working mom, especially a single mom. I didn’t feel I had the support from management that was needed for me to succeed or be given a chance at success. With this being my experience, I do not hold back during conversations that involve women in the workplace, when we are chatting. More times than none, I make a conscience decision to give my husband a point of view and perspectives as a woman and a mom. I do this because I believe in advocating for one another because that is how we all win! I advocate for these women I don’t know because I know they deserve it and motherhood is hard as hell and being a woman in corporate america is as well!

My opinions are not in place to persuade or overshadow my husband’s professional expectations, it is merely to provide him with another perspective and to think about the possibilities. I do not have the qualifications to give specific advice about the job duties or roles (I mean, I kinda do but not quite) but I do have have an obligation to all mamas and women to be a voice.

What I am saying ladies is, we are a vital voice! Our voice can be crucial to the success of the next woman. Chat with your husband, ask him about his day and insert your unsolicited opinions. Although we may not match his profession we have viewpoints that can mold the way women and mothers are viewed in the workplace and it can all start with your man (professionally of course). You can still leave him at the table with the kids once the conversation is over. Tell him you need to shower!

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