Bon Voyage: 7 Vacations For Adults

Spring is right around the corner but so is beautiful weather and sunny skies almost everywhere across the America. When you live in the Midwest or Northeast you are super excited about the temperature shift that happens in late March into April. You are consumed with joy because you know it's time to indulge on travel time. Here’s a list of seven vacations you should consider planning for (if applicable of course).

  • Baecation - This is a vacation with someone that you are heavily interested in. This could potentially be your spouse someday however, you guys haven't made that commitment just yet. Perhaps a Baecation is just what you need to finalize the direction of the relationship long term.

Standing in front of Lake Michigan
Newly married going on an adventure.

  • Momcation - Bon Voyage! This is a trip that mothers take completely solo. No children, spouses or baes. A momcation is designed for mothers to unwind and relax.

  • Honeymoon - We all know this is that dreamy vacation that is taken after you are married. This is your opportunity to make good on starting that family together that you have dreamed about.

  • Babymoon - So you have heard of a honeymoon well, think of the babymoon as the reason behind the honeymoon LOL! Seriously, the Babymoon is a trip that is taken with the mom and dad to be as an opportunity to soak up alone time before the baby arrives. This trip is also good for the husband because you know, mamas are pained with sleepless night so....there goes all that intimacy for a little while.

  • Spring Break - There are two ways you can look at this. If you are in undergrad years and you happen to stumble across this post, this would mean a week in a warm climate with friends living your best life with a endless swimsuits. However, for most of the traffic here, this is a week the children have out of school and its serves as a great opportunity to go on a family vacation before the business of the summer settles in.

Beachside is the best side.

  • Staycation - So, you just want to get away from your house. You aren’t being picky or requiring much. You just want a change of scenery for the weekend. Pick a location in your city and check into a beautiful hotel and relax. This keeps you within reach to your children but away enough to enjoy some alone time.

  • Sexcation - I will not lie, I just learned about this one. It's a getaway where having sex is the priority. This is great for couples that feel their sexual relationship is lacking or a sense of connection with their spouse has been suffering. The sexcation is all about intimacy and dining out for delicious food.

I hope this has sparked your interest or you keep these in mind when you are considering what kind of time away you desire or is fitting for your stage of life.