Boosting Our Immune System With Foods Nutritionally Valuable

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Christine Trainer on Instagram Live and we chatted about the importance of boosting your immune system and using foods to jumpstart the process. We are all aware that during this crisis, there have been a lot of conversations around boosting your immune system and increasing your Vitamin C daily total values. 

When we hear the phrase “boost your immune system,” we immediately think about Vitamin C, leaving a host of other great foods and nutrient options off the list. Depending on your diet, the Citrus composition of Vitamin C could have an impact on your gut health causing acid reflux (at least that's the case for me). This is why it's important for us to consider the composition of all foods and how they can benefit our overall health. Christine, shared her wealth of knowledge and shared ideas that can be easily implemented. Let's hop into our chat:


Hello Ericka and thank you for having me. My name is Christine Trainer and I am a board certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach and owner of RED Integrative Health, Where Nutrition, Health and Wellness Meet Your Lifestyle. At RED Integrative Health we offer individual and group coaching, grocery food tours, pantry makeovers, workshops, corporate and private lunch and learning, yoga and more. 

I am a member of the International Association of Health Coaches; a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, a published author, inspirational speaker; marathoner, mediation  and YOGA instructor. 

I am passionate about the mind body connection, treating the gut and the root of our symptoms and have overcome autoimmune conditions through my own clean, mostly plant based and healthy lifestyle finding balance with meditation and yoga everyday. I enjoy helping others through my own private practice, workshops, speaking engagements and group coaching.


Thank you again Christine for joining and I am so excited to dive further into this conversation as we navigate the importance of building a healthy immune system, but I think we often forget that our mind, body and spirit can impact our health, basically looking at the holistic aspect to nutrition. Can you share a little about this?


Holistic Nutrition takes into account mind, body and spirit. It addresses the whole person and treats them as an individual. A core concept in my work and what I believe is critical to be a healthy happy whole person is the concept of primary foods. 


What are primary foods?


Primary Foods consist of Relationships, Physical Activity, Spirituality and Career. 

These Primary Foods should be the focus for a healthy fulfilling abundant lifestyle and life.The food that we put in our mouth is only secondary. 


Wow, I never thought about it like that.


Yes, So nutrition and food is important however you need to look at these factors of relationships, physical activity, spirituality and career first before you can make a lasting sustainable change on diet and overall health. You can eat well, exercise but if you are stressed out, sad, or empty your body is going to suffer. Your energy will be low and you will get sick. The more primary food we give ourselves, the less we depend on secondary food. 


My goodness this is so true. Its often mentioned that stress can kill you or make you sick, even if you are a healthy person. I think we don’t take into account often enough just how that impacts our overall health.


Another concept I believe and work with clients on is Bio Individuality. This concept not only says but treats all humans as individuals. Based on that fact, there is no one diet or prescribed nutrition plan to fit all. We all have different blood types, backgrounds, ethnicities, we are from all different parts of the world where certain foods are not even native. Therefore we need to get to know our own bodies, what food makes you feel your best. What may be your food may be another person's poison. 


Absolutely! Last year I realized that the excessive stomach bloat I had been experiencing was due to what appears to be a Gluten sensitivity. One week after cutting it from my diet, immediately felt better and the bloat I was experiencing in my stomach, seemingly melted away. So, how can we begin the process of boosting our immune system?


There are really 7 keys to keeping up our immune system: RED's 7 Keys to Immune System Health 

1. Eat nutritionally dense food. Food that is clean, whole, non gmo, organic when possible. Remember "Food Is Medicine"

2. Hydrate. Making sure we meet or exceed our daily water intake is hugely important to our immune system and all our systems in our body. 

3. Limit or eliminate processed sugar in our diets. Sugar slows our immune response and creates an environment for viruses and disease to thrive. 

4. Sleep. Getting enough sleep, allowing our cells to regenerate and giving our body and immune system a break is crucial to staying strong and healthy. 

5. Move. Exercise has many benefits but it does help our immune system fight off germs so keep moving! 

6. Breath in fresh air and optimize vitamin D levels. Getting enough sunshine and fresh air helps our mind and body. If you live in an area where you don't get a lot of sunshine then make sure you are getting vitamin D rich foods and look into a supplement. Getting our vitamins through our foods is optimal but supplement where you have to. 

7. Establish a morning routine where you start your day with apple cider vinegar to help maintain a healthy ph balance in your gut.  


This is so helpful, now the biggest part to this is preparing the food. Many times we buy the healthy foods and prepare them in a way that enforces it to lose its nutritional value. How can we make the shift?


The great news when it comes to preparing foods to maintain nutritional value is that the less dicing, slicing, cooking the better the food is for you. Do not over cook, over steam or char your food as that makes them lose nutrients in the process. 


This is great to note as we head into the kitchen to prepare dinner! Thank you Christine for sharing such insightful information! Besides the crisis, I believe this is the time for us to experiment with our foods and implement the practice of adding more vegetables and fruits into our diet, especially since we have more opportunities to become creative! Thank You Christine!

Guys, Christine also shared a list of foods to add to our diet to create a rainbow on our place. Check out the list below. If you would like to contact Christine and set up a consultation for services please contact her directly. 

Christine Trainer


Facebook: RED Integrative Health

Website: RED Integrative Health Coach

Here is a list of foods to add into your diet and follow RED's advice to rainbow your plate, the more nutritionally dense your food is, the more vibrant the color. 










acai berry 


sweet potato 




green, white or black tea 

lemon water, bone broth and Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup 

•apple cider vinegar   

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