Bossed Up

“I’m not the boss. It’s badass to think so! But really. I’m not.”

That’s what I tell colleagues, friends, and family whenever asked. At most, I’m the financial officer. That’s it. When I get home I just want to be Dad.

I want to be briefed. Then directed on what to do. Where to be. A To-Do List.

My wife takes the role of all things operation, the COO in our current setup. Let’s talk more about this ying & yang.

We both have full-time jobs. I commute each day to an office. By close of business day, I am overwhelmed with metrics, statuses, and fleet of conversations I had with colleagues all day. She commutes out of the bedroom. By the close of business day, she’s overwhelmed with minions, emotions, and a suite of interactions she has with all of her kids.

(SN: by no means did I undersell her - I simply compared and complemented each’s daily FTE lifecycle)