Bossed Up

“I’m not the boss. It’s badass to think so! But really. I’m not.”

That’s what I tell colleagues, friends, and family whenever asked. At most, I’m the financial officer. That’s it. When I get home I just want to be Dad.

I want to be briefed. Then directed on what to do. Where to be. A To-Do List.

My wife takes the role of all things operation, the COO in our current setup. Let’s talk more about this ying & yang.

We both have full-time jobs. I commute each day to an office. By close of business day, I am overwhelmed with metrics, statuses, and fleet of conversations I had with colleagues all day. She commutes out of the bedroom. By the close of business day, she’s overwhelmed with minions, emotions, and a suite of interactions she has with all of her kids.

(SN: by no means did I undersell her - I simply compared and complemented each’s daily FTE lifecycle)

Once I get home to my second job, I expect to have an idea of my priorities.

Just as quick as she’s wants to toss that baby off her arm...

I’m ready to catch that baby with an arm.

Just as quick as she’s ready to kick the toddler off her leg…

I’m ready to extend a leg for said toddler to swing on.

Just as quick as she’s ready to give me a pencil to assist with homework…

I’m ready to takeover with today’s lessons.

Just as quick as she’s ready to stop lecturing on the news...

I’m ready to have a panel on the latest developments.

Just as quick as she’s ready to wrap up physical activities....

I’m ready to engage high-intensity circuit training.

Just as quick as she’s ready to transition the child with a nervous breakdown…

I’m ready to listen, document, and share feedback.

But then I blink and there’s not even car exhaust behind me - that’s how fast she drives away. I think I faintly see her in Beyonce shades flipping the bird in the general direction of our home. Kind of the way you’d expect someone to do as they’re leaving the saw mills.

First shift has checked out. I’m supposed to take over and I look forward to it. Only problem, first-shift didn’t leave a To-Do List. I need a To-Do List. I need to speak with HR.

~ LPW, Contributing Editor

BTW: This is a premise to:

FT Working Man. PT Dad. FT Mom. PT working woman.

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