Bring Back Those Holiday Traditions

The holiday season officially has began according to Lifetime and Hallmark channels and I am here for it! However, we are officially in holiday bliss beginning Friday. I think this year we should return to those things that made the holidays a joyful time and not as stressful as midterms during undergrad.

There are memories I have of the holiday season that seemed to have disappeared into space, re-branding itself as so many other identities. Let’s put joy back into the holidays and relinquish the stress of feeling our holiday season has to be the epitome perfection.

1. Put those nuts and fruit back on the table - I can still smell the fresh fruits and the nuts still in their shells, that graced our cocktail table growing up.

2. Wrap those gifts - I know. Its hard but the tradition of wrapping gifts is suppose to be just that. I remember wrapping gifts was a communal and exciting time. We listened to Christmas Carols and it just felt like love and not stress.

3. Go See The Nutcracker - It doesn’t matter which rendition you opt into. Just go see it. Dress the kiddos up and enjoy a beautiful evening out.

4. Decorate Christmas Cookies with your children - They don’t have to be perfect. As long as it is done together.

5. Head to the theater - There is always a holiday movie showing. Go see it!

6. Parades - I know its cold. However, go to the parade. You will not regret it. Those memories last forever. Book a hotel and make it a staycation.

7. Take the kids on a shopping date - The kids love shopping too. Grab a couple girlfriends and take the kids shopping for loved ones. Head to your local Starbucks for a holiday drink and just enjoy the day.

8. Exchange Christmas Gifts with your friends - I know the days become busy and calendars fill up. End the year beautifully by exchanging gifts with friends.

9. Host a SMALL and intimate gathering - We lost our way with this one. Somehow we forgot that having a small gathering of good friends isn’t enough. Gather 4 friends and indulge on holiday themed cocktails and small bites.

10. Drive Around - The kids love to see Christmas lights, it never gets old. I remember as a child, driving around and exploring lights in neighborhoods. Pair it with hot chocolate and take pictures. These are memories.

11. Take Pictures with Santa Somewhere - I know I am guilty. I haven't done this in years. The kids don't have to sit on his lap. There can stand next to him. Just do it and hang it on the tree.

12. SEND THOSE HOLIDAY CARDS - I know. Somehow our good intent turns out to be an epic failure. Start early!

13. Make the Gingerbread house - You can buy the kit or you can do it the old school way from scratch. Whatever the case, do it!

14. Follow An Advent Calendar - They have tons on amazon too. Grab one and follow it.

15. DIY - If you don't want to take the kids shopping allow them a craft day and make gifts for loved ones. (Cards, ornaments and stockings are a easy).

16. Give Back - You don't have to subscribe to how everyone else does. it. My family will be delivering meals to the