Bump Update: Itchy Skin During Pregnancy

Mama’s I am getting closer to the finish line. I am 31 weeks pregnant, and the stretch in my belly is getting real... It's growing, it's itching like crazy, and it's feeling pretty tight.

If you haven’t noticed, I have been reserved with my pregnancy updates, that’s because I had been recruited for a reality show following my journey as a pregnant mama, who has limited mobility but a full house. The process took a month and unfortunately we were not casted for the show. On the bright side, I have been capturing footage that I will be sharing on Instagram sporadically to provide a more in depth view of my intimate feelings and emotions behind what’s going on.

So, here is the latest update on how I am feeling…

My belly is growing and with that, I have been experiencing terribly itchy skin. Itchy skin is common in pregnancy, especially the third trimester, because your belly grows rapidly very quick. According to a conversation TheBump.com had with Joshua Zeichner, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, "some women can even develop eczema (a red and super-itchy rash) during pregnancy, he says, although experts don’t really understand why."

While I don’t have eczema, I am experiencing the itchiness on my belly and breasts, it feels like ants are crawling on me, no lie...even my husband looks at me like I have lost it because I am scratching in frustration.

Well, I guess the Lord heard my cry because Evereden gifted me with a solution that has felt so soothing to my skin... their Soothing Belly Mask and Golden Belly Serum. These two products together definitely felt like a spa day for my stomach.

The Belly Mask I left on for about 20-30 mins while rubbing my belly to make sure I was getting all of the oils and vitamins absorbed into my itchy skin. Thereafter, I massaged the Golden Belly Serum, no lie, the moisture really felt great to my skin. I even rubbed some on my breasts as well.

So, I Did Some Research

I love products that are made for moms and babies, that were created by moms who have babies! These products were created by three moms in Medical Dermatology that identified a void. They created these products using science, minus harsh chemicals and ingredients (You can read about them here!). This is truly important because when I had my first kid (18 years ago), there were no products dedicated to moms like this. During that pregnancy, I used vaseline or Cocoa Butter, that's it! It feels good to see products that are truly dedicated to the needs of pregnant moms.

In addition to an entire line of products for the skin nourishment of moms, they also have baby/kid products dedicated to their skin as well. I recommend checking out the the vast array of products, I am sure there may be items that fit the needs of your skin!

Back to the pregnancy...

Thus far, the excessive itching has been the latest development besides the nausea, vomiting and SPD/PGP. Are you wondering what that is? Yeah, I had not heard of it either, more to come on the journey, the countdown is on!