Catch Up With Yourself

Motherhood can be a complex set of emotions and expectations. We wear the hats of so many disciplines and we neglect to fill the cup of the one who matters the most. OURSELVES. We subsequently direct that energy into something or someone else and suddenly the spirit of conviction holds us captive because we realize we have displaced emotions as a result of forgetting about ourselves. At this point, we insert self care and then we feel depleted by the idea of initiating self care routines because we think about the logistics and money (We THINK self - care translates into making it rain). That is until we realize we didn't budget for the coinage that is needed for these self care activities (damn). Then just as quickly as a cheetah captures its prey, we are officially still a hot mess express. Insert feeling like crap RIGHT HERE!

But why?

Why do we subject ourselves to believe that in order to achieve the most fulfilling acts of self care, we must exit stage left to the nearest airport to feel a sense of care? Here are some tips girl.

STEP AWAY - Whatever it is that you are doing in the moment that is bringing you much stress and anxiety, you need to step away from it. You should gather your thoughts, process your feelings and get your chakras in synch. I know it's not that EASY but sometimes it is.

SAY SOMETHING - We hold these truths to be self evident, that we don’t need ANYONE! Those are lies! Ha! We tell ourselves this because we do not want people to find out the dirty secret that we are withholding. Its the secret of struggle and vulnerability. Newsflash, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed but when you make your desires known unto him...well you know...blessings flow. Do not silence yourself in the face of hardship. Ask for help or outsource. Thats self care too!

SIT STILL - We believe being swallowed up with work, projects and to-do lists is the secret sauce to everything we need in life. Our brains compute that ideology to be the equation we need to figure out all of our problems. Negative. Sometimes sitting still will allow us to hear voices of reason, conviction and reality. Sit still for a moment and allow the voice of God to reveal itself to you. "Sit still and catch up with yourself."

STAY FOCUSED - It's amazing how laser focused we can be for the things that we feel brings us more instant gratification. However, self care is more of a practice. Its an intentional act that doesn't necessarily require us to put on the calendar. Frankly, everyday you should do something that bring you joy and peace. Focus on the things you can do and have control over. You have control of your time. It's the one thing you should not be getting permission for. Focus on the importance of carving out a moment for you and your mental space.

It's so cliche and the idea of “Self - Care” seems to be thrown around often, however the reality is that it needs to be. Self care is more than massages, splurging on amazon or shopping centers. It's more about filling your cup. Reserving moments in time that give you the juice you need to keep going without burning out. We run ourselves in the ground mamas and we look up and seemingly are unrecognizable to the eye because we lost ourselves and part of our identity in some cases. Now, let's be completely transparent here, a vacation is always warranted. Taking a trip or a spa date FEELS GOOD! However, self care is daily, not moments in time. Remember you, who you are called to be and your happiness. Take Care Girl!

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