Celebrity Mom's Making It Happen

As much as we don’t want to admit it, there are some celebrity moms we see and we think, wow, I can identify with her. Perhaps you may be thinking, wow she is inspiring or dang, she is really making -ish happen! This is not an ode to wishing to be wealthy, moreover, seeing mothers that are in the spotlight and acknowledging some great attributes they have and musing over those awesome qualities. Juggling motherhood alongside STARdom is worthy of praise, let's dive into these superSTARmamas.

My Family

1. Holly Robinson Peete - She is married to retired NFL player Rodney Peete and they have four children. Two of her children are a set of twins of which, her son RJ has Autism. Holly used her sons diagnosis to not only research and become more educated but also used the energy to empower other families and raise money towards awareness through her and her husbands foundation The Holly Rod Foundation. Holly is an inspiration to me because although she is a hollywood mom, she manages to keep her family first, rumbles through the difficulties of having a special needs child, while making time to continue to pursue her acting career and other endeavors as time allots. BOSS!

Holly Robinson Peete. Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel

2. Beyonce Knowles Carter - Married to rapper Jay Z, Queen Bey (as she is affectionately called) has three children and continues to produce hits, a brand and stage presence that is unmatched. What I adore most about Beyonce is her ability to push herself to attain a goal, while continuously making time for her children and husband unapologetically. Motherhood for her has been criticized since she gave birth to her first child, even through the birth of her twins and she has not allowed the negative energy to land a resting place in her world. She lives a very public life privately and that is commendable. She shared in the docu-concert, Homecoming, that her family is her family is her tribe. This signals, her family is her safe haven, they are the ones that she knows undoubtedly has her back, they are the priority in her life. I ROCKS WITH THAT!

Beyonce, husband and children. Photo Credit: This Photo Is not my own.

3. Bozoma Saint John - She is a complete boardroom badass. I love that she is unapologetically herself. She shows up as a C-level executive with her fancy nails, her kick-ass fashion sense, her beautiful voluminous hair and most importantly, her intelligence. Bozoma, has a daughter and although she is always traveling, she manages to bring her daughter along with her to some of the most exciting events and its beautiful. Its beautiful because she hasn’t allowed her success to overshadow the importance of being a mama. She makes time for her daughter and it's a testament to how much she values family. She is a boardroom motherhood muse for sure. SLAY!

Bozoma and her daughter. Photo Credit: Getty Images

4. Kourtney Kardashian - Of the four sisters of the Kardashian klan, she is the oldest and has the oldest children . Kourtney is adamant about raising her kids herslf and doing it her way. If you don't know me personally, I am a huge advocate to parenting your way. Kourtney values healthy living and eating and she doesn’t care what others have to say. She manages to run her brand and businesses while making the decision to be a hands on mama. Its beautiful. REFRESHING!

Kourtney and her children. Photo Credit: Hollywood life.

5. Kim Kardashian - What I love about Kim is her ability to run various businesses and take on motherhood in light of being under a tremendous amount of scrutiny and speculation. Additionally, as a soon to be mom of four, she has had to resort to using a surrogate for her current child (due in the next month or so) and her youngest child. Her first two pregnancies were nearly life threatening for her and because being a mother was a priority, she opened her heart and mind to depending on a surrogate once more. I appreciate Kim's openness on her desire to raise her children and foster a healthy family dynamic, despite any negativity and scrutiny.

Kim Kardashian, husband and children. Photo Credit: Kim's Twitter Account

The reality is this, motherhood is not easy for anyone. Despite the pictures that are posted or the advantages some of us have, motherhood always unites us. We all want the best for our children and we all experience the difficulties and challenges that come along with parenthood. Shout out your motherhood muse(s) because you can have more than one.