Children's Skin Care Routine

I know you are probably thinking, why does a child need a skin care regimen? Well, my answer is why not and good habits begin early. To be politically correct though, our kids spend the day with sticky faces that have attracted dirt and dust all day. Can you say ALLERGEN magnet? YIKES!

Two of my younger daughters have anxiously watched myself and their two older sisters carry on a skin care routine and they always ask, "Can we do it too?" The answer is typically "no," because we are using products that could be harmful for their skin.

Recently though, the company Evereden blessed me again! They have created a line of products for children and babies dedicated to their face only. Have you ever thought about how often we use "Body Lotion" on the face too? Listen, I know your face is part of your body to some, but you understand where I am going with this.