College Planning: Looking Ahead To The Future During Uncertainty

It can be painstakingly challenging to look ahead of the current state of life right now and making plans. However, doing simply that is what keeps us going. Leaning towards the future while securing the sanity of today is how we get through these fearsome times.

Here is a list of ways to keep the planning process in motion during these uncertain times.

Stay Ready So, You Don’t Have To Get Ready Now is not the time to stress our children out about college entrances etc. However, we can encourage them to consider, logging on to college test prep sites occasionally, to brush up on testing. This is not to stress them out, but more so to keep their interest level in place and keep them feeling positive about their future. Keep Vetting Simply because we are amidst a pandemic, that does not mean we have to stop thinking about the future. Encouraging our children to keep searching is healthy for them. If we discourage their search, we could be inviting feelings of anxiousness, depression or anxiety. Follow Prospective Institutions Admissions Social Media Accounts Many colleges have been hosting online Q&A’s for students to navigate the looming questions they may have about programs, or the admissions/application process. While much of the formalities are uncertain, it's a fine idea for prospective students to follow these institutions on social media, to maintain the latest updates and information regarding admissions.