College Planning: Online Virtual Tours & Questions To Ask Before Applying

Navigating the college planning conversation with our student (child) is a once in a lifetime experience! Although during this season of school closures and pressurizing times it appears to not necessarily be important to us, it is for our children. Most importantly, it's imperative that we give them hope and something to look forward to. It was such a pleasure to speak with so many college administrators, recent graduates, current students and graduate students about their alma maters and their experiences on Instagram Live this past week. It is so important to reach out to people and learn from them. As a parent, I learned a lot about the college planning process through the individuals I spoke with and I am grateful for their transparency. It's understood we are currently at a standstill and prospective students cannot visit institutions, this is the time our students can learn more about the institutions by calling the admissions office and asking questions. While the campuses are shut down at the moment, the staff is still working around the clock to adhere to prospective students' questions and concerns.

If you tune in to the IG Lives this week, you had a chance to hear about schools in depth, now, you may be interested in taking a look at the campuses. Check out the list below and if you do not see the school your child is interested in, check out and you can search over 1,000 institutions. The site provides you with a 360 view of the campus and it's broken down for you by area/building. If you further do not see the college of your choice, please check out YouTube, there are tons of videos created by students and colleges.

University of Louisville



Michigan State

University of Kentucky


Illinois State

U of I

Northern Illinois University

Spelman College

The University Of Alabama

Harvard University

Elmhurst College


  • Ask about programs in place that assist first year students with the college transition process. These programs could include a campus wide curfew, just as Brea shared with us on IG Live about Hampton University, or Freshman “seminar” classes that also support students during that time, as shared by Kira who attended University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

  • Inquire about 5 year MBA programs for your student. Many campuses do not highlight these programs to Freshman, so it is a good idea to ask about these programs.