Connecting With Your Teenager Through Date Nights

So, check it. Having teenagers is a tricky time in parenthood. They become a little distant in an oddly close way. Their attitudinal mood swings are unpredictable, their emotions are haywire and so are their hormones. If this is your first rodeo with teenagers, you feel just as much as a newbie as the day you brought home your first child. Rightfully so though, you have never experienced any of the teen stuff and the child you thought you were raising to be a great person, somehow has flipped the switch on you, leaving you ready to go grab that same...Yeah you get the idea.

Me with my teenage girls.

Although this time is rough for parents we must remember it's tough for the child too, especially during this digital age. Our children are faced with bullying that exceeds the four walls of the school building, making its way to the worldwide web leaving children feeling betrayed, an intense amount of embarrassment and insurmountable pressures. Teens today have it really hard and as parents, we are left picking up the pieces to an ungrateful young humans that treat us like a second class citizen. It's time to DATE AGAIN and RECONNECT

Take it Back!

Remember when your child was young and you would do playdates or a day out with mommy...just a bunch of those kinds of days? Well, it's time to reintroduce it into your parenting. Scheduling date nights are just as important as the ones with a spouse because it's an opportunity to check in with them and their emotions. Having dates is a great way to combat some of those teenage vibes and challenges.

Take Action

Keep the focus centered on the teen and let them select the outing location or activity. This creates great synergy, relaxes the teens ability to desire having a conversation and comfortable being vulnerable.

Have Fun

Teens hate when you get serious, even though it is warranted sometimes. Find ways to connect without turning into the finger pointing mama!

Friend vs Advocate

I am not sure what your position is on being teens friend, however, you are an advocate for them. You are their cheerleader. You are their counsel. You are one of the cabinet members to their life’s journey. You are NOT a PEER!

All things considered, parenting teenagers is a beautiful time. It's a mix of emotions watching your child transition into a young adult when you still view them as your baby. Surprise your teen and go out for a date, add it to your calendar today!

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