Creating A Date Night Routine For A Nightcap

Let's talk date nights. My husband and I have weekly date nights. My mom comes over after work and as soon as my husband pulls into the driveway, I am typically at the door waiting like an inmate awaiting the doors to freedom, yeah that's me! As a SAHM I began to feel I NEEDED TO GET OUT and it was important that weekly, my husband and I made it a priority to connect outside of the children. Most couples would probably argue they don’t have time weekly or even bi-weekly but the reality is, we all make time for what we want and actually, how I approached it. Initially, It seemed to be excessive in theory however, I changed my mindset. The only time something is excessive is when it takes away from my morals, ethics and finance and that's what eased my mind.

Many mama’s have hit me up asking how we configure date night into our budget and out lifestyle and I am here to give you the scoop so that you can do the same.

Picking A Night

Our date night was solely selected by the availability of my mom ( I would suggest you do the same). Selecting a day that's easier for the person holding down the fort is important. Once that day of the week was selected, we added it to our calendar.

The Preparation

Date Nights for us are actually on a busy day for our household. It's the day two of my girls have dance class which means there is a lot in motion before I head out the door. What's important to me is making sure the transition for my mom is smooth. I don’t want her to come into complete chaos. I mean, the house is chaotic enough, so the last thing you want is for your sitter to come in to a hot mess express.

  • Cook the kids favorite meal - I know cooking may not be completely on your radar because you are hitting the street but the kids need dinner too. Cook a meal that typically goes over well with them. This may be a great time to use the crockpot as well. You want this meal to be low stress for you because you have a lot to get done in a short amount of time.

  • Prep For Bedtime - Typically, I like to have my children all set and in pajamas when my mom arrives. If not, I leave them laid out to make things easier for her.

  • Straighten Up A Bit - Date nights are great and I typically arrive exhausted with a buzz (Just keeping it real, You know I love my cocktails). So, tidying up the house just a bit is helpful PLUS you don’t want the sitter embarking on a mess. *Special thanks to my mom because she typically does a load of laundry or gives the high traffic areas a deep clean, I LOVE HER!*

  • GET DRESSED GIRL - Pop on those lashes, a pair of heels and your red lip. Look cute. You don't have to over do it but don't downplay your sexy either.

  • Feel In Love - Don't let those kids, the stress or your employer rob you of your excitement about going out on a school night with your man. Listen to music that reminds you, why you got married or got with the guy in the first place. Check out mines on Tidal Here.

What to do and where to go.

Listen, don’t overthink it. The goal is to be away from the children. The goal is to have some alone time with your spouse. As for me, I enjoy trying new places (any ideas send them my way). I have learned to start keeping a log of places I would like to go to make it easier. Remember this is not an anniversary dinner, this is just a date night…KISS...

Keep It Simple Sista

  • Go to A Bar or Pub

  • Catch a Movie

  • Enjoy Small Plates and or Drinks ONLY

  • Dave and Busters/Game Room

  • Bowling

  • Picnic



REMEMBER this is not an anniversary date. You don’t have to “stunt for the gram” this is for you and your spouse. You know your financial situation so trying to impress one another is a thing of the past! Make this evening fun and a breath of fresh air. Heading Out to a restaurant for appetizers and drinks only is great. Don’t feel obligated to have a large sirloin steak. Nevertheless, if it is in the budget of course INDULGE. Now, depending on what time your husband or yourself make it home, you can have dinner at home and head out for drinks only. This will cut costs substantially. Get creative. If you live in a warmer climate, pack up the food and wine and have a picnic. Our date nights are funded by our entertainment budget.

The NightCap

When you arrive home, hopefully your children are asleep and if you are up to it… you have created the gateway to a happy ending. You and your spouse will always look forward to date nights. REMEMBER HE IS CHECKING FOR YOU!

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