Creating A Family Summer Bucket List

Summer is literally lurking around the corner! Although the rollercoaster of weather conditions does not suggest so, we are close to kissing the snow goodbye. Summer is the time of year we can plan fun activities for the kids and family and it typically involves being outdoors. This year, create you a Summer Bucket List for you and your family. This bucket list should be broken down into sections so everyone has an opportunity to share an activity they would like to complete as an individual and as a family. Creating this list should be fun and intentional.

Supplies You Need:



Creative Mind

Creating The List

Creating this bucket list is all about thinking about things you would like to do as a family and any other way you would like to categorize activities. Due to the size and age range of my family, I created my list a little differently. However, the beauty of creating the bucket list is, they are essentially goals for the entire family. The list gives everyone in your household an opportunity to share an idea and it should alleviate those “It's boring” or "Where to go" comments throughout the summer.

When Should We Create The List

Do it now! Creating the list now gives you an opportunity to properly budget for the the activities your family have lined up. Also, it gives you the chance to properly plan for these events as well. Don't wait until the last day of school, just start now!

Where To Hang

Hang your canvas in an area of the house that is visible for everyone to see, and leave a marker laying on top of the canvas to add activities sporadically. You do not need to sit down and complete it at once, rather, hang it in an area in your home that is a high traffic. Since this will be hanging in your home, feel free to make it as creative or simple as you like.

Why Is This Important

Since being a mom, I have realized we come up with probably 95% of family activities and trips. We are the responsible ones for conceptualizing how we think everyone would like to have fun. I am not sure about you but I think other members of the family should join in on these ideas because we could use the mental break. Additionally though, it provides kids an opportunity to have a voice in the fun department. Also, for those activities you have not completed on the list, you can save it for other times throughout the year. Just keep in mind, that is not the idea, the idea is for it to be completed during the summer.

I hope this is helpful to you and your family! Share your canvas online and hashtag #SummerFamilyBucketList I can't wait to see yours!

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