Creating A Sacred Space In Your Home

The days are getting longer, our patience is getting thinner and women are losing it. It's not because we aren’t being practical or rational. Moreseo, we are living during a time of uncertainty and the weight of it all is so much to carry. Creating a space for you to feel free to lay your feelings out could help you tremendously.

A sacred space, or alter, gives you a dedicated space to lay out your worries and allow room for you to meditate, pray, be inspired or simply be still in your thoughts. Creating a sacred space is an intentional process but very simple. BUT FIRST, WHAT IS A SACRED SPACE? A sacred space or alter is a designated space (or it can be removable) used for rituals. When we think of rituals, think about prayer and meditation (That's what I do). The space is equipped with items that bring you peace and fuel your spirit. There are tons of YouTube videos about creating this space, and they can get intense, but it doesn’t have to be. Do not over complicate the process, have fun with it! Remember the space is for you. I am not here to enforce your practice, mine is praying to God and manifesting, but for another individual there may be a different meaning. The key takeaway is for you to create a space for you to pray, journal or meditate. This is essentially, like a War Room and guess what? That works too if it provides you with the calmness you need. Creating The Space -Be intentional about all the items that are put in place

-Select a space away from distractions

-It should have an item or two or many that have a sentimental value to you. It doesn't matter how small. (Crystals, pictures,etc.)

-Visually, looking at the space should bring you peace and make you feel joy.

-Honor all the elements of the earth with a live plant(s) and candle(s).

-Include an element that makes the space sacred. This can be a Bible, or any religious doctrine of choice, Rosary beads etc.

-Other Optional items: Sage, journal, prayer box, affirmations, etc

This is my space. Every item has a purpose.

There are people that will think of this as witchcraft of some sort, and my answer is God knows your heart.

Tag me in your pictures, I would love to see what you have created.