Crockpot Cooking On The Go

Chilly temps are coming at rapid speed and for some moms that actually means, Friday night football games or long hours in the car, as we take our children to and from extracurricular activities. With the extended hours racked up in the car, we often end up in the drive-through or stuck with hunger pains until we return home. Break out the crockpot! Yes, on the go.

A couple of years ago, another mom friend of mines and I shared the idea of why bringing the crockpot in the car would help us tremendously with our large families that practically LIVE in the minivan during the evening. While to some people this may seem a little insane, I see it as a practical and functional idea to keep me sane and my children’s belly filled.

Now, this is not supposed to be something that you have to overthink. These crockpot on the go meals should be simple and convenient enough to eat in the car. I have found this to be extremely helpful and with the right hook up to secure it in your vehicle, I think you will dig the idea too.

For me, preparing meals that don’t take much prep is key. A simple soup or chili is great or mac n Cheese. I have three options for you to be a Master Mom Chef on the Go!

1. Par - Cook - This basically means cook the meal partially at home and complete the cooking time on the road to reduce cooking time. I have found that cooking the meal partially is a great solution if your project you will need to turn the vehicle off at some point.

2. Warm It Up - If you have ever purchased those Crockpot dinners from the freezer aisle, this would be a great opportunity to use this option. Or, you can use this solution to heat canned meals such as Chilli and soups.

3. Master Chef Mom - This is for the family that will be in the car for many hours (Potentially a road trip). You can cook up your favorite crockpot dish by adding in all ingredients before you leave home.

Look, whatever your situation is, honestly, I know you desire peace of mind and that's why I have done this. IF you try this, be sure you can secure everything safely without creating hazardous conditions.

PRO TIP 1 - If you are a Football Mama, use the Crockpot to keep Hot Chocolate Warm or coffee. I am sure the other parents would thank you for this during tailgating and game time.

PRO TIP 2 - Prepare a couple of meals and place them in the freezer and they can serve as your goto on the go meals to heat in your crockpot.

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