Dinner Time Made Easy

School starts this week for most children (My high schoolers start today). This is the time of year when parents are engulfed in work duties and children's extracurricular activities. Dinner time is the time of day when it seems that everything comes crashing at you all at once, homework, pick -up and drop - off, parent meetings, evening rush home and the list goes on! Guess what mama? It's time you start not being so stressed out by dinner meals and find ways to make it conducive for your family's schedule. If you do not have time to cook gourmet meals, guess what? ITS OKAY! As a mom with a large family and busy schedules, I have learned to make dinner time not a task that completely depletes me. I have instituted some cool kitchen gadgets to help make my cook time run quicker and smoother. These are my top kitchen gadgets that make cooking dinner much easier:

1. Crock Pot Express - OMG, you have no idea how this cuts my cook time nearly in half! The pressure cooker doubles as a slow cooker as well, which is really cool! This gadget is great for preparing stews, soups, chilli, poultry, rice, potatoes, pastas, and much more. The cook times as a pressure cooker has the ability to have a meal/dish complete in 20 minutes and under.