Distance Learning Tips For Overwhelmed Parents

Many parents are feeling overwhelmed from the information that is being thrown at them right now. The school is sending links to information, the academic year’s schedule is different from last year, and the idea of the children being at home all day until January is a true game changer.

Well, I want to ease your stress! I have some tips to help you, become organized through distance learning, and create a system that will make accessing information easier for you.

Create a spreadsheet - Creating a spreadsheet with links to information the school has shared is a life saver. Think of it as a way to organize your thoughts. This will give you the capability to easily access the information and have it handy when needed. Here is a template for you.

Connect With Instructors - Email all teachers and introduce yourself. This will let them know you are engaged. Additionally, this will allow you an opportunity to share any information you feel they should know about your family, you, or your child. This is not the time to be bashful, we want our children to succeed and nurture a relationship with teachers.

The Command Center - A command center in your home is a place where you can merge schedules and share information visibly for everyone to see. Your command ce

nter can be digital , have tangible calendars and accessories, or you can do a hybrid. Nevertheless, create a central space that is a designated location for information to be shared across the household. Check out these ideas on pinterest.

Create A Chill Down Space - Distance learning may not come natural for your child and let’s face it, everyone in the house could use a “time - out” occasionally. Create a small area at home for your child (or yourself) to go and chill out. This doesn’t have to be a large space, it can actually be a corner. Just create a space where you can decompress. If your child has special needs, create a sensory room, Check out my workshop here.

Although this is a stressful time for many households across the world, as parents, it's best for us to try and make the best of it. Together we can get through this! Lean on your village and phone a friend if needed (girlfriend time is always the cure).

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